By making fashion Anna Gregor creates her own fantastic world visual for others and gives them the possibility to learn who she is. She transforms her inner thoughts and feelings into illustrations and collages which become real at the end of the design process. 

After she got the qualification as „Design Assistant“ she wanted to do something more creative and linked to fashion. She therefor joined the costumes department at the opera of Cologne as guest student for a period of one year. This convinced her to continue her passion for clothes. She moved to Maastricht to study fashion design. In 2013 she graduated successfully at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

She has been selected to present her graduation collection at the prestigious award show Lichting 2013 Supported by G-Star. After that she gained work experience at a German board sport brand as an intern and since November 2014 she is based in Hannover where she works as a trainee junior designer at a contemporary German fashion brand.