The Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD) is developing incredible talent for the future in fashion & design. MAFAD is part of Maastricht faculty of Arts and Zuyd University of applied sciences and is created by the programme Fine Arts and Design. The Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and the Design study programme offer the students/talents a challenging learning environment with outstanding ateliers, exceptional studio facilities and a vast array of different perspectives within a wide spectrum of arts.

FASHIONCLASH an international and interdisciplinary fashion platform with a main focus on new generation of designers. Main goal of FASHIONCLASH is to connect talent, various disciplines, cultures and reach a broad audience through the art of fashion. FASHIONCLASH provides the platform by developing and organizing projects where young designers / artists can show their work. The main project where all the goals are coming together is the successful â€˜FASHIONCLASH Festival’, an annual international  fashion festival. FASHIONCLASH possesses a unique position within the international fashion industry. Ever since the first edition in 2009 over 800 talents coming from 40 different countries have joined the event. It's a growing network that includes inspiring cooperations. In addition to events and projects in Maastricht and the Netherlands FASHIONCLASH platform already had presentations in Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Mauritius, Germany, Belgium, France, Malta, Gibraltar, Uk, Ireland and South Africa.

The Modemuseum Hasselt (Fashion Museum Hasselt) wants to encourage cultural participation through its activities and show a large public the importance of fashion/clothing as a source for socio-economic history and as the language of a society. The collection of the Fashion Museum Hasselt counts just about 17,000 items ranging from clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories to undergarments. The collection policy is aimed at acquiring and conserving historical pieces of clothing as well as items from contemporary designers and keep them in the most optimal conditions.  Beside these expositions, the Fashion Museum Hasselt presents expositions that focus on a certain designer, material or technique, or on crossovers between fashion and other art forms. Photos of the current exhibition Hello, my name is Paul Smith.

Fashion Across Borders (FAB) is a collaboration between Modemuseum Hasselt, FashionClash and Designmetropole Aachen. This Euregional fashion platform is developed for fashion related talents that have a band with the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. FAB wants to help the fashion industry by strengthening their networks within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, by creating actions around fashion, organizing cultural activities and enlarge the visibility of fashion from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Photos: Filip Claessen

Designmetropole Aachen is an open network of artists who operate within the Aachen region/Euregio Meuse-Rhine, in different fields: product design, photography, graphic design, multi media, jewellery, communication, interior and even associates with marketers, programmers and engineers.